White Pigeon

White Pigeon


White Pigeon like a laugh, but they’re also a very decent rock band, and although they may be a bit tongue in cheek they knock out a great tune or two.

Irreverent and not giving a toss, their videos are a joy and worth a visit to youtube to check out.


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Their Bio on Facebook says a lot about them:

white pigeon (wahyt pij-uhn) adjective-noun

1. A bird of the family Columbidae, (namely the Rock Dove) having a compact body, short legs and being the innocent, virginal colour of pure snow, its feathers reflecting light of all hues completely and diffusely.

2. A human being’s ultimate desire, goal or achievement.

3. A bunch of sexy folk from Guildford who play rock!

White Pigeon are the branchild of Chris Nugent, a brand new rock band from Guildford…watch out, you can’t excape the Sea Devil!



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