Record Store Day

The Importance Of Record Store Day

Record Store Day is fast becomming the one day of the year that certain types get up early, they’re too old for Easter egg hunts and too hungover for Christmas morning, so this is the only thing that will drag them out of bed on a Saturday morning.

It’s the day that all the like minded people can get together and sift through records, both old and new, and take time reading the covers and discussing the merits of each one.

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Independent Record Stores are a vital part of the music world, they are the arteries through which new music flows and help keep the social aspect of the music scene alive. Of course there are other arteries, such as gigs, festivals, open mic nights etc, but these shops are a vital part of the local economy.

They are run and staffed by experts, it should be your first port of call when searching for a song that you’ve got playing away in the back of your mind. These people are in it for the love of music, they don’t do it for the money, although I expect that they’ll tell you that it helps.

Independent record stores are also vital outlets for local bands as they will normally stock a selection of their work. This is where local knowledge comes into it’s own, many local record shop owners and staff will be able to give you information on the unsigned material that they are selling and are able to provide some background information. I’ll bet a pound to a penny that if you went into your local supermarket asked one of the assistants for the latest cd from Rabid Lentils, who you saw down the pub last night, they’d call security.


It is estimated that in the past year alone there have been around 20 new shops open across the country, and the reason for this is put down to the revival of vinyl. When the first Independent Record Store Day happened in the USA 8 years ago, pundits were all but writing off vinyl as being a lost format that would be blasted into oblivion by the digital age.

But they were wrong as this week see’s the start of a new vinyl chart which underlines the fact that music lovers want to hear their music on a better quality format than vinyl. And it must be said that it was the dance DJs who stuck to their guns and continued using vinyl that has kept it alive and led to this revival.


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